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Please check our general debt help page which will give a good overview and understanding before looking into specific solutions. » Our guide to debt

The information that follows is intended to give an insight into the principal solutions to serious debt issues (i.e those that you cannot resolve simply by speaking to your creditors) and also to point out the pros and cons of each. In the interests of transparency, we would point out that we are Licensed Insolvency Practitioners, specialising in Individual Voluntary Arrangements and, in lesser numbers, Bankruptcies.

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Individual Voluntary Arrangements

An IVA is a government introduced scheme to help those struggling to repay their debts. An IVA can only be administered by a licenced Insolvency Practitioner (that’s us!).
For those that meet the criteria, there are many benefits over other arrangements.

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Debt Management Plans

A DMP is an informal arrangement between you and the people you have borrowed from.
An assessment is made to work out an affordable repayment amount.
Once your creditors (those you owe) have accepted and agreed the repayment terms, an arrangement to distrubute these funds is set up.

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Loans, Equity Release and Consolidation

If it is in your best interest to take out a loan or look to releasing equity from a property, our financial experts can offer free advice and supply suitable services.
We do not charge any up-front fees.

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Bankruptcy should be the last resort when resolving serious debt problems. As part of our full range of services and expertise, we can offer this and help you assess your circumstances and options further.

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scottish debt

Trust Deeds

Scotish residents cannot apply for an IVA. However, Scotland has a similar arrangement available to Insolvency Practitioners called a Protected Trust Deed.
We can help you through your options.

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Business and Commercial

For services relating to business finances, please visit our dedicated business website.
Our business and corporate teams are hugely experienced and established leaders in their field.

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